Multivariate Testing

In the world of e-marketing, Multivariate Testing is a process of testing multiple variables in a live website environment. This is commonly used to identify obstacles that stand in the way of customers completing a task on your website such as placing a successful transaction.

Many internet marketers rely on their gut feelings and guesswork to generate successful marketing campaigns and programs rather than using historical data, analytics and test results. In other words, they are flying blind. In the high-stakes world of e-commerce and e-marketing, this can only take you so far. This leads to higher conversion costs, higher shopping cart abandonment rate, and a lower average order price.

Victory Commerce will conduct multivariate tests on landing pages for Paid Search and Email Marketing campaigns, as well as your website's such as navigation, product display, category display, checkout process and more.

Victory Commerce will design a multivariate testing program for your company that will allow you to better understand how your sales performance is affected by various website components. We conduct our testing procedures using a methodology that has no impact on your search engine rankings.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how Victory Commerce can put Multivariate Testing to work for you.