Online Inventory Solutions

Proper inventory management is one of the biggest challenges that an online storeowner can face. If not managed properly it can bring a company to its knees by drastically reducing productivity and causing severe headaches with customers, especially during the holiday season.
Victory Commerce can implement a fully-automated, real-time inventory solution for your company. The process begins when the items are received and entered into your accounting system. Anytime an order is placed, the item is deducted from both the website inventory, and the accounting system inventory, for a fully synchronized solution.

Victory Commerce can implement a solution that tracks inventory of product options. An example of this is a company that sells blue t-shirts. The company wants to track inventory of these blue shirts, and they want to know how many Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large are available for sale. Victory Commerce has the solution that can handle this for your company.

Victory Commerce can also develop solutions for pre-sales and backordering. Some examples of this include: Suppose your company is getting a hot new product in stock in 30 days and you want to pre-sell them before they arrive in stock. Or, suppose your company has a product that is delayed in production and you want be able to sell them on a backorder basis. Victory Commerce has the solution that can handle this for your company.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how Victory Commerce can integrate real-time inventory into your online business.