Our Method

Both eCommerce and website development are complex efforts which require the full effort and commitment from all parties involved. Victory Commerce has developed a tried-and-true process for success, one that is based on thorough project management, constant communication and extensive documentation. This ensures that deliverables are both accurate and timely. Victory Commerce will work feverishly to make sure that we deliver our work on-time, on-budget and up-to-spec.

Victory Commerce's deployment process is segmented into nine key phases: Introduction, Proposal and Contract, Requirements, Specifications, Technical Development, Production, Testing & Quality Assurance, Website Deployment, and Training.


Phase 1: Introduction

The Introduction phase is a meeting between our companies where we get to know each other. This meeting is usually conducted face-to-face or via teleconference. We will learn about your business, including your goals and budget for the project. You will learn about our business, including our capabilities and why you should work with us.


Phase 2: Proposal and Contract

After our introduction and initial meeting, we will present you with a Proposal that will explain the entire project in thorough detail. Key sections include Executive Summary and Benefits, Summary of Requirements and Goals, Project Description, Development Process, Project Management, Support, Monitoring, Maintenance, Project Costs and Timeline. Upon acceptance of the Proposal, we will present you with a Contract for our services.


Phase 3: Requirements

At this phase, after the Contract has been executed, Victory Commerce will gather all of the necessary background information and requirements necessary to build an actionable project plan. Information will be shared and discussed in frequent email exchanges and telephone conversations. Upon completion of this phase, you will receive a Project Plan, which contains a detailed breakdown of development timelines, milestones, specific costs and deliverables.


Phase 4: Specifications

At this phase, Victory Commerce will have a solid understanding of the technical and functional requirements necessary to complete the project. We will hold internal meetings to discuss the project, and we will generate internal documents that our team will use to complete the project.


Phase 5: Technical Development

At this phase, the work begins in developing the major components of the website. Each developer will be fully supervised and will provide frequent status updates. Upon their completion, the components are reviewed for their functionality, efficiency and reliability. The developers work with the production staff to seamlessly integrate the components into the look-and-feel of the website.


Phase 6: Production

At this phase, Victory Commerce will take the components developed in the Development phase, as well as the existing website, and begin to test for functionality and cross-browser compatibility. At the conclusion of this phase, a fully functional version of the website will be built in a web-based environment.


Phase 7: Testing & Quality Assurance

At this phase, Victory Commerce will perform thorough testing on the website and eCommerce platform. Any potential issues that may arise are addressed and remediated. After this, everything is retested again.


Phase 8: Website Deployment

At this phase, once final payment has been made, the website is then migrated to a live environment, and is published to the world. Your project has been completed.


Phase 9: Training

At this phase, Victory Commerce will provide you with training via telephone and web-based demonstration. Training will be in store administration, product and category administration, shipment processing, basic store maintenance, online order processing, blog maintenance and other areas. Victory Commerce will gladly accommodate on-site training at your location with travel expenses covered.


Contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how Victory Commerce can put Our Method to work for you.