Web Project Management

Web Project Management often requires working with many different people: web designers, graphic designers, web developers, web coders, software companies, server hosting companies, credit card companies and shipping companies. Each has their own requirements, idiosyncrasies and languages.

Somebody has to oversee and coordinate all of those entities. Do you know how to do that effectively? Let's suppose you did. Would you have the time to?

Victory Commerce specializes in all aspects of Web Project Management, from start to finish and beyond. We make sure the job gets done on time, on budget, and to the correct specification. We handle the initial consultation, discovery, scope of work, wireframes, design mockups, prototypes, testing, deployment, post-deployment support and much more.

Building a website is quite similar to building a home. In that regard, think of us as the general contractor who oversees all of the tradesmen: the architects, masons, framers, electricians, plumbers and so on. Everything has to happen in a specific order and according to the plans. Otherwise the home is not habitable.

Victory Commerce is an interdisciplinary team of experts who speak the language of business and also speak the language of “geek”. We have the business and technical expertise to get your project from concept to reality.